Nichkhun Brings Global Appeal to ‘One and a Half Summer’

One of the most exciting debuts this summer is Nichkhun in his first leading role in the new Chinese drama One and a Half Summer! The American-born Thai-Chinese Nichkhun (of the Korean boy band 2PM) plays Zhang Hao, a Chinese-American who goes on a vacation to Greece to escape family pressures to marry. While there, he falls in love with the beautiful Luo Man (Xu Lu). But she disappears unexpectedly, and Hao decides to go to China to try to find her.

To try to tracks down Luo Man, Zhang Hao enrolls at her university. When he finally meets up 
with her, Zhang Hao discovers a very different girl than the one he met in Greece and that he has to compete for her affection with her male best friend, Xiu Qi (played by Jiang Jin Fu)

Zhang Hao as played by Nichkhun

After keeping his feelings for Luo Man to himself throughout their friendship, Xiu Qi decides to confess to Luo Man after she confides in him about her feelings for Zhang Hao. Who will Luo Man choose — the handsome international student or her long-suffering best friend?

Xiu Qi is the best friend
who secretly loves Luo Man

Watch the first episode below!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Nichkhun in his first leading role!

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