Kim Bum: From ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to ‘V Love’

We’re happy to see Kim Bum again on the small screen, but this time he has decided to take on the challenge of starring opposite Chinese actors and actresses in the new on-air drama “V Love”! After eight years in the business, Kim Bum has come a long way from playing a teenage boy to taking on more mature roles as an adult heartthrob. Follow us as we reminisce about Kim Bum’s path to stardom through his roles in popular dramas!

So Yi Jung in ‘Boys Over Flowers

This has become a K-drama classic after its explosive run in 2009. With so many cute flower boys, it makes complete sense! Kim Bum plays So Yi Jung, a skilled potter whose family owns the country’s largest art museum. A notorious playboy, he eventually stops his wayward ways after finding true love with Ga Eul (played by Kim So Eun), Jan Di’s best friend.

Park Jin Sung in ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows

In the role of Park Jin Sung, Kim Bum plays a troublemaker who follows his favorite hyung, Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung). He is active and bright but has a temper. If someone hurts his family or the people he loves, Jin Sung won’t let the person get away with it. His biggest hope is to live happily with Oh Soo, Moon Hee Sun (played by Jung Eun Ji) and his family.

Kim Tae Do in ‘Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire

As Kim Tae Do, Kim Bum’s character grows up with and cares for Jung Yi (played by Moon Geun Young) like a sister. He protects and hides her true identity as a woman in order for her to become a potter. He also helps his mom to operate an inn. With so many great gentlemanly qualities, we can understand how Moon Geun Young grew fond of Kim Bum on-set, blossoming into a real-life relationship that sadly ended in May.

Ou Hui in ‘V Love

Kim Bum switches it up this time by playing Ou Hui, an arrogant, wealthy restauranteur. After a chance meeting in a cafe that Wei Wei (played by Li Xi Rui) is working at, Ou Hui seems to show some interest in her. He falls for Wei Wei’s honest personality, but does she feel the same? See what happens starting from Episode 1!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young star. Which Kim Bum drama is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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