Meet Evan, Viki's New Social Media Manager

Hiking recently in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania
Hey, everyone! My name is Evan (evan), and I’m the new Social Media Manager here at Viki. I’ll be talking to fans on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media outlets, as well as here on the blog!

I’ve been a huge fan of international media culture and entertainment all my life, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. I have so many fond memories from childhood of staying up late to watch kung fu movies with my grandfather. And now, thanks to Viki, I can revisit some of these old classics like “Hands of Death” and “The Story of Chinese Gods,” as well as stay current with shows like “Fated to Love You,” “Love Cheque Charge” and “Cunning Single Lady.”

Already, I’ve been really blown away by the incredible passion and activity of this community. I can’t wait to join you to grow it and continue to spread our favorite TV shows and movies to all corners of the globe! Please feel free to send me a message to talk about upcoming shows, trends, breaking news, or just about anything else. I’d love to hear from you!