What Is Your Favorite Drama Ending of 2014?

The touching ending of the food-themed drama ‘Let’s Eat

We’ve all experienced that feeling where we hung in and watched some great dramas for 16, 20, 36 or even 50 episodes — only to get to the end and say, “That’s it?! How can that be the end?!” On the other hand, when that finale arrived in some of our favorite dramas, we exclaimed, “That was soooo good! I don’t want it to end, though!”

One of the best drama endings for me, among the dramas I’ve seen in 2014, is the food-porn drama “Let’s Eat.” Although every episode included the sexiest video shots of the most delectable food, making the viewers salivate all over their screens, the drama also provided some great social commentary about the loneliness of eating alone in a society that promotes social, or family-style, dining. The drama ended with the characters all sharing a delicious family meal together while they read the following poem hung on the wall:

“Rice” by Chun Yang Hee

To you who eat a lot of rice because you are lonely,
To you who sleep a lot because you are bored,
To you who cry a lot because you are sad,
I write this down.
Chew on your feelings that are cornered
like you would chew on rice.
Anyway, life is …
something that you need to digest.

What Is Your Favorite Drama Ending of 2014?

Now, we want to know what was your favorite drama ending of 2014? What did you like the most about the ending? Maybe you liked the poetic justice that was served to Yeon Min Jung in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”; or the happily-ever-after ending of fated lovers in “Love Myself or You” or “Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny)”; or just the epic love story of in “My Love From the Star.”

Let us know in the comments, and we may include your choice in an upcoming blog! We look forward to hearing from you!