Warning: You May Fall in Love With Annie Chen of ‘Boysitter’!

We’re highly anticipating the Saturday premiere of “Boysitter,” the new Taiwanese drama starring Annie Chen, River Huang and Melvin Sia! The star-studded cast of “Boysitter” is led by the stunning Annie Chen, whom you may recognize from “Love, Now,” “Love Around” or a number of other popular dramas. In case you aren’t familiar with this accomplished 25-year-old, here are five fun facts about her (but we have to warn you that reading any further will put you at risk of falling in love with the beautiful actress!).

Annie is a huge dog lover and hopes that her other half will love dogs as much as she does!

Annie ruined an on-set surprise birthday party for her “Boysitter” co-star River Huang by shouting “Happy Birthday!” too early.

In 2012, Annie was the ambassador for the charity organization HAPPY. For one HAPPY event, Annie donated NT$100 for every cake that the organization sold!

Annie’s dog, Chelsea, was adopted for her role in “Boysitter.” Annie took Chelsea to all of her shoots, worried the dog would be lonely and scared if left alone.

Annie won the first “Catwalk Girl” competition.

For more Annie Chen, check out “Love, Now” and “Inborn Pair.” Also, don’t forget about our Live Tweet event for the “Boysitter” premiere! If you want to watch the premiere at the same time as  thousands of other fans from all over the world and live tweet about it, you can join us at 7 p.m. PST / 3 a.m. GMT on Wednesday, December 10!

Love Annie Chen already? Let us know what you love the most about her in the comments!

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