Restaurant In China Offers ‘Free Meal for Good-Looking’ Customers


Those entitled by society for their good looks are now also entitled to free food. Thanks to Jeju Island, a Korean restaurant in Zhongzheng, China, the first 50 customers who pass the “good-looking” test will be treated to a free meal every day.

News of the unusual offer is going viral online, with major media outlets worldwide, including the BBC, covering the promotion.

How will they determine who makes the cut? Unfortunately for the superficially inferior, it isn’t just some underpaid line cook with low standards playing a casual game of “Hot or Not.” Instead, patrons get their pictures taken at a “face scanner,” the results of which are analyzed by the employees of a nearby plastic surgery clinic. If your face underperforms, these highly-skilled specialists point out physical flaws that you’re probably already deeply insecure about, and detail how to rearrange your face to meet society’s impossibly high beauty standards.


The restaurant advertised its offer with a giant sign saying “Free Meal for Goodlooking,” because spelling isn’t as important as looks, and they didn’t want any Prince Charmings missing out on such a killer deal. However, the sign was removed on Tuesday by local authorities who didn’t approve the promotion … probably because they weren’t hot enough.

Good looking and feeling left out on all of the crippling public humiliation? Don’t worry, if you’re short enough, there’s another restaurant in Shanghai that is offering a similar discount, but for the vertically challenged. Somehow these are not isolated incidents, and are in fact part of a growing trend. CRI reports of restaurants in both Shanghai and Chongqing, China, that also offer discounts to overweight men and underweight women.


It’s unclear how successful the Jeju Island promotion has been, but the restaurant owner is throwing business (and moral) concerns to the wind, stating that the restaurant will continue the promotion until the end of February. Considering everyone from Mashable to The Telegraph has picked up this story, the ugly truth is that it’s 2015, and these shenanigans still actually work. Time to put on an uplifting playlist and eat away the sadness.

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