Never Miss a New Episode Again — Introducing Viki’s New On Air Calendar!

Keep track of all your favorite shows with Vikis handy new On Air Calendar!

What Is the On Air Calendar?

Do you ever get confused trying to remember when new episodes of your favorite shows are airing? Look no further than Vikis new On Air Calendar! It's a schedule of new episodes of all our "On Air" shows that are currently airing in their home country and being simulcast on Viki. The calendar can be found on the Viki homepage and on our mobile app. The date and time is dependent on the user’s local time settings, so if you change the date and time settings on your device, the app’s On Air Calendar will update accordingly.

From the homepage, click the “Global TV” drop-down menu to find the On Air Calendar.

Here you can find out when the newest episodes of all on-air shows will be released.

The On Air Calendar is now available on the Android app. For more information, check out the What Is On Air Calendar? FAQ and stay tuned for the iOS release. What do you think of this new feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!