3 Reasons Not to Miss New Hong Kong Dramas on Viki!

We’re very happy to announce that Hong Kong dramas are now available on Viki! With a long history of awesome films and dramas, Hong Kong is undoubtedly a hotspot of great entertainment, and these shows are no exception!

New to the Hong Kong drama scene? No worries! Let us give you the 411 on why you need to put these shows — all available worldwide! — on your must-watch list today!

Something for Everyone: Adventure, Drama and Romance 

From the high-risk dangers of working as a firefighter or paramedic in “Elite Brigade F.S.D.” and “Elite Brigade II” to the stresses of the medical profession in “The Family Doctor” to the struggles of self-discovery and love in “The Neighborhood,” these titles span a wide range of genres, so there’s certainly something to pique everyone’s interest!

Scenes from ‘Elite Brigade F.S.D.,’ ‘Gambler’ and ‘IT Champions’ (clockwise from top left) 

Short, Sweet and Perfect for Binge-Watching

All of the titles that we’ve just added are a bit shorter than your typical K-dramas or T-dramas (often 10 episodes or fewer), making them perfect for a Sunday morning binge-watching session. But while they may be short on length, they definitely don’t skimp on quality!

Scenes from ‘IT Champions’ ‘The Neighborhood’ and ‘The Family Doctor’ (clockwise from top) 

True to Life 

IT Champions,” which showcases the often underappreciated but stressful lives of the IT professionals, and “Gambler,” which reveals the dark perils of addictive gambling, are based on real-life stories, making the dramatic storylines that much more intense and heart-wrenching.

Ready to check out these awesome shows? Watch them all here:
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