4 Must-Listen Drama Soundtracks That Will Make Your Day!

It’s basically a known-fact: for every amazing drama, there’s an equally, and possibly even more amazing, soundtrack. Case in point, the phrases “You Are My Destiny” and “Almost Paradise” hold special places in the hearts of drama fans everywhere (for those of you in the dark, they’re from “My Love From the Star” and “Boys Over Flowers,” respectively.)

Because of the special place that original soundtracks (OSTs) hold in the world of dramas, our language-learning focus for this month will be centered around our favorite tunes, making March Viki’s Month of Music (#VikiMusic), where we’ll be celebrating and exploring the awesome world of soundtracks in the realm of global TV.

Many drama fans find themselves humming along to their favorite melodies but oftentimes don’t know what the songs mean. To help remedy this, we’re kicking off our Language Learning Month of Music by sharing four of our new favorite OSTs, complete with translations and pronunciations, that are sure to get you singing!

In Episode 5 of the currently on-air popular drama “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Se Gi (played by Ji Sung) pulls in Ri Jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum) for a kiss at an amusement park (with fireworks going off in the background, naturally). The song’s romantic lyrics coupled with Jang Jae In’s ethereal voice make for a perfect backdrop for this sweet moment. Relive the magic at 20:26 below!

In Episode 5 of the currently on-air Taiwanese drama “Boysitter,” Hao Jian Ren (played by River Huang) is heartbroken after discovering the truth about a video recording of Yuan Fei (played by Annie Chen), and he decides to end any sort of relationship with her. The intensity of this moment is perfectly reflected in the lyrics in Shi Shi’s ballad, making the scene that much more moving to watch. See the moment below from this Viki-exclusive drama starting at 16:45 below!

In Episode 6 of the currently on-air “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” Seo Jin (played by Hyun Bin) and Ha Na (played by Han Ji Min) spend time camping together. Ha Na admits she likes Seo Jin, and he soon realizes that he also cares for Ha Na. With Baek Ji Young’s sweet and affectionate lyrics as the perfect backdrop, the pair’s realization of their feelings for one another are made that much more special. Catch this adorable moment starting at 00:30 below.

In Episode 4 of the popular Taiwanese drama “The Way We Were,” Wei De (played by Leroy Young) takes Jia Ni (played by Ruby Lin) to a concert, where he looks at her with longing eyes, wishing that their relationship was something more than friends but not wanting to risk their friendship. As Eric Zhou sings the words that Wei De wants to express, your heart immediately hurts for Wei De, knowing that he’s unable to say what he truly feels for Jia Ni. Watch Eric sing this beautiful song below!

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