5 Drama Characters Having a Worse Day Than You!

Positive thinking and meditation are decent ways to ease your mind on a bad day, but sometimes seeking mental balance isn’t enough. Sometimes, you just need to see someone else face-plant harder than you to make you feel better about yourself. Don’t feel guilty, we’re all here to support you.

So if you’re having a bad day — say, because someone played an especially cruel April Fool’s joke on you this year — we want to help you make it through your day with these five drama characters who are having a way worse day than you!

Accidental Encounter of the Boob Kind

Setting the baseline for awkwardness and deep, piercing regret is Se Dong (played by Shin Se Kyung) of “Iron Man.” She finds herself in an accidental groping encounter but is able to deflect the inevitable with the best reflexes. The take-away: next time you trip, make sure not to outstretch both arms towards boobs. Luckily GIFs are continuous loops, so we can feel painfully uncomfortable an infinite number of times, over and over again, forever.

Getting Mauled by a Girl

Always give credit to guys who make the first move! In “Answer Me 1997,” Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Guk) tries to kiss Shi Won (played by Jung Eun Ji). Unfortunately for him, Shi Won’s aggressive-suitor rejection is straight out of an “Animal Planet” documentary. She wants to make it excruciatingly clear that she’s not that type of girl. Yep, she got her point across all right…

The Worst-Ever Time to Be Stood Up

Kwanjai (played by Paula Taylor) of “True Love Next Door” takes being stood up at the altar like a real woman — armed with a utilitarian and cost-effective toilet-paper armband matched effortlessly with her wedding dress. Better use it to dab that running mascara before it reaches her beautiful dress!

This Happens on Your First Day of a New Job

In “What Happens to My Family,” Dal Bong (played by Park Hyung Shik) is on his way to his first day of a new job when he gets stabbed on the train and his wallet stolen. When you factor in the long-term consequences and psychological damage, this may seem like the worst day on this list. Yet somehow, Dal Bong remains as fly as possible throughout the day’s obstacles.

And Then … This

Imagine just walking down the street minding your own business and enjoying your nerdy book, when  someone suddenly pulls your pants down! Sure, Young Mi (played by Bae Noo Ri) was just trying to follow her crush, Eun Chul (played by Oh Sang Jin), when she accidentally trips on her high heels in “Sweden Laundry.” But having a woman pull down your pants in broad daylight definitely qualifies as a day that you deserve to just click refresh and start over. Especially if her face is all up in your business.

Had a day worse than these? That truly sucks, and we here at Viki sympathize with you. Let us know more in the comments!

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