Language-Learning Challenge: Guess the Drama OST!

With the end of March already here, this means that it’s time for another Language-Learning Challenge! For those of you who participated in last month’s “Love Confession One-Liners” challenge, the answers to the quiz are:

1. A — “I don’t care whether you’re a man or an alien.” (“Coffee Prince”)
2. C —  “I have something even crazier.” (“Love Myself or You”)
3. B —  “The time I fell for you.” (“Kill Me, Heal Me”)
4. B —  “I love it when you call my name.” (“Boysitter”)

Hopefully you got them all correct!

Over the past few days this month, Viki’s “Month of Music,” we’ve been sharing our favorite song lyrics from some of our favorite drama OSTs (aka “official soundtracks”) and our choices for 4 Must-Listen Drama Soundtracks That Will Make Your Day.

So to wrap up things up for this musical month, it’s time to put your OST knowledge to the test! We’ll give you song lyrics from four of the songs that we featured during the month. Answer all of the questions correctly, and you could be the recipient of a language-learning book from our friends at Tuttle Publishing!

The questions feature shows that have been highlighted in this past month’s blogposts and social media posts as well as staff picks. To get yourself ready (and also to have an excuse to watch some more dramas), take a peek at the shows that we’ll be featuring:

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