Officially Confirmed: Guess Who Lee Min Ho Is Dating!

It’s earth-shattering news in the Korean entertainment world that has been finally confirmed! Lee Min Ho is officially off the market! His agency confirmed to Korean news sources on March 22 that he is dating Suzy, a member of the K-pop girl group Miss A and star of such popular television dramas as “Gu Family Book” and “Dream High.”

Star House Entertainment released a statement that said: “The two of them started dating about a month ago, and they’re currently careful about their relationship. We hope everyone watches them with warmth.”

JYP Entertainment, the agency representing Suzy, also issued its own statement: “Suzy and Lee Min Ho have been dating for about a month. They’re just carefully starting, so we would be grateful if people look on them warmly.” 

Source: Dispatch of Korea

The Korean news outlet Dispatch is reporting that the two megastars have been in a relationship for a couple of months now and have been going on dates all over the globe. The news agency reports that on March 10, Lee Min Ho flew to Paris for a photo shoot, while Suzy left the same day for London for her own photo shoot. When Lee Min Ho was done, he flew to London on March 15 and picked Suzy up at her hotel. They then checked into London’s Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard at slightly different times and enjoyed three days together out-and-about town, with Lee Min Ho driving them around.

Source: Dispatch of Korea

In Korea, the two have been seen together almost nonstop since February 25, the news agency reports.

Lee Min Ho is a Asian megastar whose popularity spans the globe. Since the popular 2009 television drama “Boys Over Flowers” catapulted him to stardom, he has starred in many other popular films and dramas, including “Personal Taste,” “City Hunter,” “The Great Doctor (aka Faith)” and “Heirs.” He has previously dated Park Min Young, his co-star from “City Hunter,” while Suzy has been linked to a few top stars that were never confirmed.

While millions of Lee Min Ho fans may be a little sad at the news that he is off the market, no one can argue that he and Suzy make a cute couple! We wish the stars the best in their new relationship!

Update: Lee Min Ho’s agency also confirmed that the star will not be enlisting for military service this year due to his busy schedule. He is due to make a comeback in the latter half of this year in a new television drama.

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Sources: allkpop, SBS