What Type of Drama Office Worker Are You?

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States in Canada, but for more than 90 other countries throughout the world, including South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, International Workers’ Day (also known as “Labour Day”) is recognized on May 1. It is a public holiday in most of these countries, and it’s a day to celebrate laborers and the working class.

So for all you working stiffs out there, we wanted to celebrate the working masses by highlighting the universal types of colleagues we can find in every office, no matter what industry you work in. See if you recognize yourself or your coworkers in our list of the different types of office workers — inspired by memorable characters from our favorite Asian dramas!

The Slick-Charmer Type

Han Suk Yool (played by Byun Yo Han) is all smooth talk and no action as an intern but gradually learns how to prove himself through his work as an employee in “Incomplete Life (aka Misaeng).

Kang Jin Goo (played by Kim Young Kwang) knows how to turn on his charms to entertain tourists as the top employee at a travel agency in “Plus Nine Boys.”

The Out-to-Get-You-Cutthroat Type

Pi Song Hee (played by Yoo Young) is very upfront about the fact that she is not your friend, will never be your friend, and may actually be your worst enemy in the office in “Cunning Single Lady”!

Dubbed the “Corporate Serial Killer, ” Kang Min Ho (played by Jung Kyung Ho) has no shame or morals as he coldheartedly takes over companies and lays off employees in “Falling for Innocence (aka Beating Again).” But does a “change of heart” mend his wicked ways? You’ll have to watch the exciting on-air series to find out!

Go Cheok Hee (played by Jo Yeo Jeong) looks all sweet and innocent but don’t let the beautiful smile fool you! Her cutthroat ways as a vicious divorce lawyer gets her into hot water in “Divorce Lawyer in Love”!

The Eager-to-Please Type

Jang Geu Rae (played by Im Siwan) is so determined to succeed that he will do anything to please his manager and get hired on full-time in “Incomplete Life (aka Misaeng).” He is the quintessential underdog, and we can’t help but root for him!

Ahn Young Yi (played by Kang So Ra) goes from star intern to department errand girl, but she puts her head down and does everything that’s asked of her in Incomplete Life (aka Misaeng).” She earns respect by showing her male colleagues that no task is too menial for her to prove herself!

The Slacker Type

Hwang Hye Rim (played by Hwang Seung Eon) is a convenience store clerk who uses her looks to get all the neighborhood boys to do her work for her while she stands around polishing her nails in Let’s Eat Season 2!

Yu Xi (played by Kirsten Ren) sometimes likes to bum around and make excuses for needing time off at inopportune times while working as a personal nurse in Someone Like You.” She can get away with it because her boss is blind!

The Best-Kick-Ass-Assistant Type

Yang Jae Hwa (played by Kil Hae Yeon) is the ultimate ego stroker, right-hand woman and the master of professionalism and discretion as the executive assistant to the boss in Heard It Through the Grapevine.” We should all be so lucky to have such a trustworthy person by our side when we become the boss!

Secretary Ko (played by Han Jung Soo) has only one goal in life — to protect his boss at all costs, even if it means literally carrying him away from a dangerous situation or letting himself be a punching bag for his boss’s anger in “Iron Man.” This assistant’s loyalty has no bounds!

Kim Soon Jung (played by Kim So Yeon) is a second-generation employee to the company CEO, and she is tough and precise in making sure no intruders disturb her boss in “Falling for Innocence (aka Beating Again).” But will circumstances force her to go work for a man she can’t stand?

The-Annoyingly-Cheerful-Coworker Type

Hong In Ah (played by Jo Eun Ji) keeps reminding her coworkers that she’s married to a doctor and takes great delight in others’ discomfort and misery. She then annoyingly butts into the personal lives of her coworkers in “Let’s Eat Season 2.

Oh Do Yun (played by Lee Do Yun) is so infectious in her perception of her own self worth in “Let’s Eat,” you can’t help but like her despite her misplaced delusions of grandeur!

The No-Nonsense-Boss Type

Yuan Fei (played by Annie Chen) shoulders a lot of responsibilities at work and at home so she doesn’t have time to mess around on either fronts in “Boysitter.” She’s very serious about her job and expects others around her to follow suit.

Qi Yi (played by Aaron Yan) likes cleanliness and order and not a single thing in his life and work to be out of place in “Just You.” He especially doesn’t like peppy women who throw a monkey wrench into his orderly life!

He Bu Fan (played by George Hu) was perfectly fine leading his serious life before a “ghost” forces him to get involved with a strange woman’s love life in “Love Cheque Charge”!

The Secret-Chaebol-Who-Doesn’t-Need-to-Work Type

Guk Seung Hyun (played by Seo Kang Joon) tries to hide his true identity to blend in with the office workers and even falls in love with the boss’s ex-wife in Cunning Single Lady.” 

Seo Bum Jo (played by Kim Young Kwang) goes to work as a reporter to be near the woman he likes in “Pinocchio.” He has a driver who takes him around his beat and even a doting mother who tries to drum up news for him so that he can rest! Not a bad way to do a job, if you had to work!

Which type of office worker are you? Which character is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Stars of ‘Super Daddy 10’ Show Love to Viki Fans!

Stars of ‘Super Daddy 10’ (from left): Lee Re, Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri

There’s just something about a drama that centers on the parent-child bond that just gets us right in the gut. And when a parent is dying and trying to ensure that his or her child will be taken care after his or her death (as in the recent powerfully emotional dramas “Punch” and “Mama”), we just can’t resist  being glued to each episode with tissues in hand.

Super Daddy 10” is the newest addition to the tearjerker genre, and if you’re not watching this drama, you need to start right away! Not just another sappy “melo,” this great on-air K-drama (exclusive to Viki in the United States and Canada) follows the lives of professional baseball players and medical doctors with plenty of humor thrown in! It stars Lee Yoo Ri (fresh off her huge popularity from her iconic villainess role in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”) and Lee Dong Gun (who proves he’s the best at playing irresistible jerks, like his role in “Marry Him If You Dare”). 

If that isn’t enough of an enticement, see the special shout-outs from the three main stars of “Super Daddy 10” especially for Viki fans!

Lee Dong Gun plays confirmed bachelor and washed-up baseball player Han Yul

Watch the full shout-out video especially for Viki fans from Lee Dong Gun!

Lee Yoo Ri plays Cha Mi Rae, an oncologist who suddenly discovers she has terminal cancer

Watch the full special message from Lee Yoo Ri to the “Super Daddy 10” channel team at Viki! You can join the volunteer team by contacting the Channel Manager!

The adorable Lee Re plays Sa Rang, who desperately wants a dad like other kids

Watch Lee Re’s adorable shout-out video to Viki fans!

What do you like the most about “Super Daddy 10”? Let us know in the comments!

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BTS Fun Facts About Birthday Girl Annie Chen’s Dramas

April 28 marks the 26th birthday of Annie Chen! The model and actress has been trailblazing her way through the Taiwan entertainment industry, turning the last few dramas that she starred in into bona fide hits. Annie must be a good-luck charm!

We know that Annie is a dog-lover and a charitable person, but how much do you know about her dramas? In celebration of Annie’s birthday, here are some interesting stories behind five of her shows that may come as a surprise to you!

Inborn Pair (2011)

Inborn Pair” was the first of Annie Chen’s smash hits on television and co-starred the adorable Chris Wang as one-half of the couple of an arranged marriage. The drama was such a ratings hit that Sanlih Entertainment, the production company behind “Inborn Pair,” continued casting the winning leads in subsequent dramas. Chris Wang was paired with Tiffany Hsu in “Love Me or Leave Me” and Annie was paired with George Hu in “Love, Now.”

Love, Now (2012)

In “Love, Now,” Annie Chen  plays Yang Yi Ru, a serious-minded advertising executive who doesn’t know how to take a day off of work. Tricked by her family into believing she’s dying, Yi Ru finally goes on holiday, where she meets Lan Shi De (played by George Hu), the CEO of a family business.

George and Annie’s chemistry was so exceptional in “Love, Now” that it sparked rumors the two had moved their love story into real-life territory. George and Annie never confirmed their relationship, explaining that they were just friends, but they were caught going on dates anyway in the United States and around Taiwan. Whether the dating rumors were true or not, George and Annie definitely played an arresting couple on the small screen. The high ratings spurred Sanlih to continue the successful pairing and immediately cast the couple in the following drama “Love Around.”

Love Around (2013)

真愛黑白配, the Chinese name for “Love Around,” literally translates to “Real Love, Black and White Match.” The “black” refers to Zhou Zhen, George Hu’s gangster character, and the “white” refers to Liang Xiao Shu, Annie Chen’s sunny and bubbly DJ character.

Pop Quiz: What did Annie use as her “vomit” in her throw-up scenes in “Love Around”?
Answer: Canned sweet congee.

Watch how Annie prepared for her vomit scenes, as well as the hilarious hijinks between George and Annie, in this cute behind-the-scenes clip where the two of them trade “hits” back and forth. These two definitely suffered for their art.

Boysitter (2014)

After two rounds playing a couple, George Hu and Annie Chen decided to separate as an on-screen couple. Annie was again offered the lead role by Sanlih during the developmental stages of a drama that would later turn out to be “Love Myself or You” (2014). However, Annie turned it down to concentrate on other projects and to let her contract with the production company expire. She went on to star in “Boysitter” while George Hu went on to star in “Love Cheque Charge,” leaving fans very disappointed that the couple did not do another drama together! 

Material Queen (2011)

Annie Chen played a supporting character named Sha Xia in “Material Queen” in 2011. This drama was buzzing while it was in production because the male lead, Vanness Wu, had just come off of the record-breakingAutumn’s Concerto” and Patricia Field, of “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada” fame, was hired as the costume designer. Patricia Field designed most of the outfits for the main cast and even made a cameo in one of the earlier episodes. If you missed this drama, it will be coming to Viki soon!

Did any of the behind-the-scenes stories about Annie Chen’s dramas surprise you? Do you know any fun facts that weren’t mentioned? Share with us in the comments!

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