5 Unforgettable Moments of ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’

Hyun Bin juggles multiple personalities in ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me

The end came and went, and it couldn’t feel more bittersweet to leave the familiar faces of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” Well, particularly the singular face of Hyun Bin, portraying the characters of both Seo Jin and Robin. Seeing the actor stretched between opposite poles has been a treat for Hyun Bin fans, and who wouldn’t mind seeing him twice as often? For the character of Robin, Hyun Bin was caring and emotional, but for Seo Jin, he had to be cool and calculating, which certainly has its own appeal! Playing opposite Hyun Bin was Han Ji Min, who was captivating in her role as Ha Na. To send off “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” below are some of our favorite moments from the show.

Wholesome Puppet Love

We’re suckers for deeply romantic apologies, and the puppet-kiss scene pulled out all of the stops. When Ha Na got upset with Robin for not telling her the truth about Seo Jin erasing his texts, Robin took her to the circus office and used a hand puppet to apologize to her. Ha Na put on her corresponding hand puppet to convey her understanding. We would have never guessed what a smooth move puppetry was in Robin’s arsenal of romantic gestures! As Ha Na and Robin’s puppets kissed, Robin swooped in to get a little sugar for himself.

A Blast From the Past

When the suspect for the case begins to talk, Seo Jin and Ha Na rush over to the station to hear what he has to say. Somehow, the suspect is able to see through the one-way mirror and creepily sings the Wonderland theme song directly to Seo Jin. That’s when everything gets way more interesting, with the big reveal that he is actually Lee Soo Hyun, the boy Seo Jin left behind when they were both kidnapped as children. The tragedy unfolds in painful flashbacks from Seo Jin’s perspective. As we learn more about Seo Jin’s past, we see the complexities of his strained relationship with his father.

Seo Jin’s Love Confession

Seo Jin and Ha Na come home to rest after an emotionally charged phone call between Seo Jin and the Chairman. Seo Jin prepares some medication for Ha Na and explains how his father said, “I’m sorry,” something he’s never heard his father say. The talk with his father inspires Seo Jin to also say something he’s never said before, and he professes his love to Ha Na in the most calm and detached Seo Jin-way.

Getting Adorably Cozy on the Couch

After Robin receives the Webtoon Writer Talk of the Town award in Episode 18, he cuddles on the couch with Ha Na to pull on our heartstrings in the most adorable way possible. While it wasn’t one of the show’s trademark “big, important scenes,” it’d been a while since we were able to see Robin be happily guilt-free, and this was a well-deserved moment of peace for him.

Robin and Ha Na’s Fairytale Wedding

The emotional ride was capped by the wedding of Robin and Ha Na, a moment that gave fans the deeply satisfying happy ending. The decision to marry these two characters seemed to polarize fans, as some felt as though the wedding didn’t provide proper closure to some of the outstanding plot points. However, after all of the tension of the previous few episodes, this was a refreshing bit of hope for Robin and Ha Na’s future. We were suspending our disbelief fairly high thus far, so believing in their happiness wasn’t much of a stretch.

What were some of your favorite moments of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”? Let us know in the comments below!

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