Ask Halmoni: ‘I Love My Girlfriend But Hate Her Twin Sister!’

Dear Halmoni,

Ive been dating my girlfriend for about two and a half years. I love her, but I cant stand her twin sister I might even hate her. There are many reasons why, the details of which I will spare you and your readers, but Im at a point where I dread hanging out with her twin. When I do have to see her, there is a rage inside of me that I cant extinguish. Being around her twin sister is like a slow torture chamber session. If my girlfriend had her way, her twin sister, the twin sisters partner, and my gf and I would be hanging out every single weekend. I feel bad hating my girlfriends twin sister, but at the same time, Im at a point where just the thought of having to see her gives me terrible dread.

Please help!

Twin Sister Hater

Dear Twin Hater,

When it come to evil twins, conventional wisdom call for lying quietly in wait until Harvest Moon arrive, then slipping time-released poison capsule into evil twins mandoo guk. Today, that not so good. Halmoni try that once, but dashed bowl to ground before twin drink. Because, in the words of sage master Jean Grae, I dont need to go to jail right now. I got things to do! Halmoni like rhymes.

Anyhoo, I know many family relatives are boring, stupid, lazy, mean ... We all suffer those dummahs. But only on holiday, not every weekend! YOLO, my child, YOLO! If your girlfriend love you, she spare you evil twin and give you weekend free.

Sometime, we have to do thing we dont like, but most of time, you do what make your heart smile. ZZZZZ. Oops, hello! Halmoni take quick nap.

Okay good luck, and remember, you too young to hate. LIVE!

You welcome,


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