Most Memorable Performances of ‘K-Pop Star Season 4’!

K-Pop Star Season 4” has ended and the winner has been announced. It came down to Jung Seung Hwan and Katie Kim. Congratulations go to both contestants, but it was ultimately Katie Kim who took home the crown for Season 4 and chose to sign with Yang Hyun Suk’s YG Entertainment.

Did you catch all of the most memorable moments from the Top 3 finalists?

Winner Katie Kim is known for her soulful voice. Taking her first trip to YG Entertainment since signing, she received a very warm welcome from the YG Family. 

Even though Jung Seung Hwan didn’t win, he still got a winning prize. “K-Pop Star Season 4” changed one of the original rules to allow the Top 3 finalists the chance to sign with an agency. Both Jung Seung Hwan and third-place finalist Lee Jin Ah chose to sign with Antenna Music. 

Here is a look back at some of the most memorable performances of the Top 3!

Jung Seung Hwan performed an incredible duet with Miss A’s Suzy (“Dream High,” “Gu Family Book”). They both showcased their amazing voices that also harmonized well together.

Known for her songwriting and piano skills, Lee Jin Ah’s first performance didn’t impress just one or two judges, but all three! Although she was eliminated in the semifinals, we still love her talent and so does Antenna Music, which signed her!

We congratulate Katie Kim again for winning “K-Pop Star Season 4” and wish her the best of luck at your new agency! We look forward to the future careers of Katie and the runner-ups. What was your favorite performance from “K-Pop Star Season 4”? Let us know in the comments!

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