Stars of ‘Super Daddy 10’ Show Love to Viki Fans!

Stars of ‘Super Daddy 10’ (from left): Lee Re, Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri

There’s just something about a drama that centers on the parent-child bond that just gets us right in the gut. And when a parent is dying and trying to ensure that his or her child will be taken care after his or her death (as in the recent powerfully emotional dramas “Punch” and “Mama”), we just can’t resist  being glued to each episode with tissues in hand.

Super Daddy 10” is the newest addition to the tearjerker genre, and if you’re not watching this drama, you need to start right away! Not just another sappy “melo,” this great on-air K-drama (exclusive to Viki in the United States and Canada) follows the lives of professional baseball players and medical doctors with plenty of humor thrown in! It stars Lee Yoo Ri (fresh off her huge popularity from her iconic villainess role in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”) and Lee Dong Gun (who proves he’s the best at playing irresistible jerks, like his role in “Marry Him If You Dare”). 

If that isn’t enough of an enticement, see the special shout-outs from the three main stars of “Super Daddy 10” especially for Viki fans!

Lee Dong Gun plays confirmed bachelor and washed-up baseball player Han Yul

Watch the full shout-out video especially for Viki fans from Lee Dong Gun!

Lee Yoo Ri plays Cha Mi Rae, an oncologist who suddenly discovers she has terminal cancer

Watch the full special message from Lee Yoo Ri to the “Super Daddy 10” channel team at Viki! You can join the volunteer team by contacting the Channel Manager!

The adorable Lee Re plays Sa Rang, who desperately wants a dad like other kids

Watch Lee Re’s adorable shout-out video to Viki fans!

What do you like the most about “Super Daddy 10”? Let us know in the comments!

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