Baeksang Arts Awards: 'Heirs' Reunited, JYP and CNBLUE Perform

On May 26, the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards were held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Broadcast by JTBC, the awards honored achievements in the Korean entertainment industry and included live performances from Jung Yong Hwa of K-Pop group CNBLUE and Park Jin Young, who paused during "Who's Your Mama" to say hi to drama idol Lee Min Ho. The gesture was not lost on fans of Lee Min Ho's girlfriend Suzy, whose K-Pop group Miss A is managed by the singer's agency JYP Entertainment.

Many familiar names won big at the awards show, with Lee Min Ho winning the Most Popular Actor in Film Award for his role in "Gangnam Blues." He was joined on stage by fellow "Heirs" alums Park Shin Hye and Krystal. Park Shin Hye won the Most Popular Actress in Film award for "The Royal Tailor," while Krystal won the Most Popular Actress in TV Award for "She's So Lovable."

Other notable awards include Kim Won Seok winning the Best Director in TV Award for his work on "Misaeng." The hit series' actors Lee Sung Min and Im Siwan claimed the Best Actor in TV and Best New Actor in TV Awards, respectively. The Grand Prize in Film went to Choi Min Sik for his role in "The Admiral: Roaring Currents." American audiences may recognize the iconic actor from movies such as "Oldboy," "I Saw the Devil," and "Lucy." The Grand Prize in TV went to Na Yeong Seok for "Grandpas Over Flowers," and "Three Meals a Day." Go here for a full list of nominees and winners.

Unfortunately, fan favorite show "Kill Me, Heal Me" and its lead actor Ji Sung went home empty-handed. Who do you think should have won? Let us know in the comments!

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Exclusive Interview With Choi Woo Shik of 'Fool's Love'!

Choi Woo Shik of "Fool's Love"

While filming for the hotly anticipated movie 'Bound for Busan," co-star Choi Woo Shik found time to catch up with us and answer some of our questions.

- What excites you these days?

"Lately, I've been really into rock climbing. I'm on the slender side, so I think that's why I find it easier."

- Do you have plans for the summer? If you have, this is a chance for you to secretly reveal them...

"I think I will be in Busan a lot during the summer to shoot the movie. Since I really like Busan, it will feel just as if I was on vacation. Whether it is the climate or the food, I think it lacks nothing. See you all in Busan!"

- Aside from Korean and English, are there other languages you'd like to learn?

"If I get the chance, I would like to learn French or German. I think the accents of those languages are very charming."

- What is Choi Woo Shik's perfect date like?

"A date out on the streets, holding hands. I like active dates that involve nature, like camping, picnics, and fishing."

- Who's your ideal type of K-Pop girl group?

"A-Pink!! They're a really cute girl group."

- Have you made friends with other actors through your work?

"Definitely! So far, I've made friends with Park Seo Joon, Jung Suk Won, Choi Jae Hwan, Lee Shi Un, and many more. I tend to make friends with older guys. My trip to Southeast Asia with Seo Joon was especially fun and unforgettable."

- What's your most memorable scene from "Fool's Love"?

"My time with Geum Dong was particularly memorable. I was pretty worried because I'd never worked with babies before, but it felt healing just to be with him."

- How long did it take to get the "chick dance" right?

"Actually, that children's song was totally improvised on set, along with the dance!"

You portray Young Kuk in "Bound for Busan"—what is that character like?

"Young Kuk is a baseball player. He's a brave high school student who struggles to save people during a disaster caused by a strange virus."

- What're your future plans? What kind of roles would you like to play?

"For now I'm concentrating on the movie shoot, but I hope you'll be seeing me in a drama again soon! There isn't one particular character I'd like to play—instead, I'd like to find a role that I can play really well. I would like to show familiar acting that people don't find uncomfortable. I will continue to work hard in the future, so thank you for your continuing support!"


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Choi Woo Shik—we look forward to seeing "Bound for Busan"!

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10 of the Sweetest Phrases Found in Dramas

There's no doubt that one of our favorite parts of dramas is the love, both platonic and romantic. Beyond just "smooth" language, here are some perfect phrases from our favorite shows which are sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Want to relive the moments? Click on the photos to view the episode each phrase is from!

Is your favorite quote missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Get Featured by Viki With Your Favorite 'Girl Who Sees Smells' Moment!

Keeping up with the romance and action in the hit K-Drama, "The Girl Who Sees Smells"? If not, your last chance to binge-watch is now, before the show's finale. There's also an added bonus: share an image, graphic, GIF, or meme of your favorite moment from the show, which could be used as a desktop or mobile wallpaper, and your submission could be featured on Viki's social media!

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May 16 - May 24, 2015 (PDT)

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For inspiration, here's a taste of some of the show's best moments:

Get those thinking caps on and start sending in your favorite moments!

The Many Masks of Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon, star of the upcoming drama "Mask," turns 33 on May 16th! In honor of his birthday, here's a quick look at some of the masks Joo Ji Hoon has worn in the past.

Joo Ji Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Shin in "Goong (aka Princess Hours)"
Joo Hi Hoon became an instant star with his role as the prickly Crown Prince Lee Shin in “Goong.” Lee Shin is forced to enter into a contract marriage with an ordinary high school student, Chae Gyeong (Yoon Eun Hye). As they struggle to adapt to palace life together, Lee Shin slowly falls for his headstrong and naive, but lovable bride.

Joo Ji Hoon as Han Seung Jae in "Medical Top Team"
In “Medical Top Team,” Joo Ji Hoon plays Han Seung Jae, a renowned internist and member of an elite medical team trying to revive a struggling hospital. Han Seung Jae hides an iron-cold resolve behind his easy-going facade.

Joo Ji Hoon as Yoo Ji Ho in "Five Fingers"

Joo Ji Hoon plays Yoo Ji Ho, a pianist with extraordinary talent, in the revenge melodrama “Five Fingers.” At first very trusting and naive, Ji Ho becomes bent on revenge after he finds out how the family he holds dear has used and betrayed him.

Joo Ji Hoon as Min Woo in "Mask"
In the upcoming drama “Mask,” Joo Ji Joon plays Min Woo, the cold, hardened son of a chaebol family. Ji Sook (Soo Ae) is a woman from a debt-troubled family who seizes the chance to change her identity and marry into a chaebol household. When Min Woo meets Ji Sook, he falls for her because she's unlike every other woman he's met. Min Woo will do anything to help protect her identity. Catch the premiere of “Mask” on May 27th!

Happy birthday Joo Ji Hoon! Which is your favorite mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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GIFs of the 7 Toughest Drama Mamas!

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate our favorite drama mamas — especially the tough, no-nonsense mothers who prove they won’t take any crap from anyone and will fight ’til the end for what they believe is right. Here are seven of our favorite tough drama mamas and their “don’t mess with this mother” facial expressions that we love!

Jo Kang Ja — The Fed-Up Mom in ‘Angry Mom

In the just-concluded drama “Angry Mom,” Jo Kang Ja (played by Kim Hee Sun) takes on high officials in the Ministry of Education and even a presidential candidate to bring justice to a corrupt educational system — all for her daughter’s safety and well-being!

Bom’s Mom  — The Showing-Favoritism Mom in ‘Sweden Laundry

From morning until night, Kim Bom’s mother (played by Hwang Young Hee) nags Bom (played by Song Ha Yoon) about everything and tries to get money out of her to spend on her other two grown kids in “Sweden Laundry.” When we discover why, we realize that the mom truly does have a good heart.

Kang Hee Soo — The Tough Businesswoman Mom in ‘Boys Over Flowers

As president of a large corporation in “Boys Over Flowers,” Kang Hee Soo (played by Lee Hye Young) is used to getting her way. You don’t want to see her wrath if you dare defy her!

Chen Lin Xi Shi — The Straight-Talking Mom in ‘Fated to Love You

Xin Yi’s mother, Chen Lin Xi Shi (played by Lin Mei Shiu), in “Fated to Love You” may have needed a script written by her daughters to talk to a man who knocked up her daughter, but she still got her point across with plenty of strong body language!

Song Cha Ok — The Cold-Hearted Mom in ‘Pinocchio

In “Pinocchio,” Song Cha Ok (played by Jin Kyung) doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, and talking to her daughter is no different than talking to any stranger off the street. Just don’t get in her way of a good news scoop, because she will eat you up and chew you out!

Feng Yi — The Always-Reliable Mom in ‘Dear Mom’ 

In “Dear Mom,” Feng Yi (played by Lu Hsueh Feng) is always there for her daughters when they misplace their things or need her to cook a good meal as a thank-you to someone. When one of her daughters brings the man home who knocked her up, well, she’s happy to give her approval for a shot-gun marriage as well!

Choi Yun Hee — The Upper-Crust Mom in ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine

Choi Yun Hee (played by Yoo Ho Jung) strives for total composure and decorum befitting the upper-crust lifestyle that she tries to uphold in the currently airing drama “Heard It Through the Grapevine.” You’ll get the same masked smile out of her when she’s pleased with you or displeased with you. Her true feelings will always be under wraps!

Which tough drama mama is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Ask Halmoni: ‘Cornfield Culture Shock’ Seeks Friends

Dear Halmoni,

Ive moved cross country for my boyfriends job and am struggling to meet new friends who are compatible to me. I have a great job but I work from home a lot or I travel, so its hard. How can I get out and meet new friends?

— Cornfield Culture Shock

Dear Cornfield Culture Shock,

Your situation remind me of characters in Halmonis science fiction novel, We Come in Peas. In Halmonis bestselling book, main characters are aliens visiting Earth, but when ship break down in middle of farm, they must learn to accept life in brand new world. Like I said, bestseller.

Here is what Halmoni suggest:

Numba 1: Embrace the Corn
In a land of strangers, you cannot expect people to be like homies from the hood. This is new place with different folks and different strokes. But living in foreign land can be exciting if you decide to explore, embrace and do the dance of corn! When you feeling down, replace those blues with curiosity— talk to the neighbors, chat with grocery man, compliment the barista. To compare old and new is futile, so accept change and you will be free to discover new world.

Numba 2: Grow Your Garden
It is said garden require patient labor and attention. And most important, gardener must first plant seeds to make things grow. Make sense, right? Well, it is same with making friend.

First, plant seeds by meeting people. To do this, you MUST get up and get outta the house. But theres nothing to do, Halmoni! you say. Oh contrairey mon frerie, Halmoni know you can find everything on internets. Join sports team, find book club, volunteer — theres many possibility, the hardest part is taking first step. Dont think, just do!

Next, tend to garden. Invite new friends to hike, movies, museum, or cook some yummy dukkbokki and have feast! K.I.T. Over time, you will see your seeds blossom into beautiful and delicious friendships. Hashtag HalmoniGettingHungree. Or is it hashbrown? Mmm, potatoes.

Finding new friends not easy, and it take time and energy. Just remember, once you find them, tell them about Halmonis Pulitzer Prize-winning freshman novel, We Come in Peas, a thriller to redefine genre.

You welcome,

Have question for Halmoni? Write to

Also read these past columns by Halmoni:

Disclaimer: Halmoni is pseudonym for writer Christine Kwon. This advice is solely intended as humor. Also, you write to Halmoni, you agree to be published on Internet. In conclusion, Halmoni just give her opinion about life. That’s it.

Gana Premios del ‘Super Show 6’ en Singapur

De la página oficial de Facebook de SMTown

Fuimos al concierto de Super Junior, “Super Show 6,” este fin de semana en Singapur y la pasamos fenomenal. Los chicos cantaron por casi tres horas y media, pero aún así la energía no se podía detener. 

Vimos muchas cosas interesantes en este concierto, específicamente, cosas que nunca había visto en conciertos de América Latina, el Caribe o Estados Unidos. 

¡Líneas organizadas, nada de empujones!

Líneas perfectas

En todas las filas que hicimos, vimos a los fan tranquilos, tapándose del sol, escuchando música, hablando con sus amistades o simplemente esperando en silencio. ¿Cómo crees que se compara esto con los fans de nuestros países en Latinoamérica? 

Mercancía en Cada Esquina

En cada rincón de los alrededores del estadio, habían decenas de personas con sus maletas vendiendo todo lo que te puedas imaginar de los chicos de Super Junior. Desde camisetas, abanicos de cartón, gorras, pulseras, las famosas luces de conciertos, postales con sus fotos y más. Toda la mercancía que vimos era de muy buena calidad y muy bien pensada, 100% diseñada por fans. No hay nada mejor que eso, ¿cierto? 

¿Qué Son los ‘Fan-Projects’?

Fuimos parte de los ‘Fan-Projects’

Mi experiencia en el mundo del Kpop ha sido muy corta en comparación con muchos fans latinoamericanos, pero la realidad es que nunca había visto algo tan elaborado como esto. 

Los “fan-projects” o proyectos de fans, se preparan con mucha anticipación; los fans se organizan en internet, recaudan dinero y preparan lo que serían los proyectos durante el concierto. En la entrada regalaron pancartas de tela, posters, luces de colores, todos con instrucciones de cuando levantarlas o encenderlas y en que canciones deben hacerlo. 

Fue muy bonito ver a los fans levantar las pancartas que decían “Envejezcamos juntos” o “Feliz 10mo Aniversario” durante las canciones emocionales. 

Los chicos saludaron a la audiencia en coreano, inglés y mandarín. También notaron los proyectos de fans y no tardaron en agradecerles el gesto. ¡Hasta hubo un momento en el que pidieron que se apagaran las luces del estadio para apreciar el mar de luces azules! 

De la página oficial de Facebook de SMTown

Como agradecimiento a sus fans, que esperaron ansiosamente por la banda, cantaron alrededor de 30 canciones, entre ellas “This Is Love", “Mamacita,” “Growing Pains,” “Fantastic,” “At Gwanghwamun” entre otras. Puedes ver muchas de estas presentaciones en nuestro programa de variedad “SBS Inki Gayo.”

La mejor parte del concierto fue cuando los chicos se vistieron de Elsa y concursaron para la audiencia con trajes y peinados estrafalarios. 

Proyecto de D&E SG Fans, TrulyELFs SG y 13lieve SG

¡Ahora tienes la oportunidad de ganar el álbum de Super Junior y algunas cosas que obtuvimos en el concierto de Singapur! Lo único que tienes que hacer es dejarnos saber en los comentarios, por qué deberías ganar y así escogeremos la mejor respuesta.