3 Reasons Li Yi Feng of ‘The Lost Tomb’ Is a Rising Star!

May 4 is the birthday of rising Chinese star Li Yi Feng. Here are three reasons why he’s someone we should all be watching!

He Is a Multi-Talented Artist

Li Yi Feng can sing, really well. He debuted as a singer in 2007 with his EP “Four Leaf Clover” and he challenges himself to sing at most of his events, even taking on Cantonese songs. And he has proven that he can act, portraying a wide variety of characters (from calm to stubborn to flirty) throughout his career. In his much-anticipated new drama “The Lost Tomb,” Li Yi Feng will play the main of Wu Xie, an archaeologist who goes on an unexpected tomb dig.

From left: Li Yi Feng in ‘Legend of the Ancient Sword,’ ‘The Lost Tomb’ and ‘Legend of Fragrance’

He Has a High EQ

Being well liked by everyone he works with, Li Yi Feng has received a large number of birthday greetings from his co-actors from “The Lost Tomb” and “The Legend of the Ancient Sword” — Liu Tian Zuo, Ken Chang, Wei Wei, Yang Mi and even Kennedy Xu, the author of “The Lost Tomb.”

Li Yi Feng also never shies away from difficult questions. He knows how to handle sensitive questions from reporters and yet not offend them.

Reporter’s Question: “When you look at a girl, do you look at her face or her body?”
Expected Answer: “I actually look more at her personality.”
Li Yi Feng’s Answer: “I look at both, and look from the legs up.”

His Fans Matter a Lot to Him

Li Yi Feng held a birthday event to celebrate his big day with his fans. The day before the event, he posted a selfie with the chairs and playfully invited the fans to come over “if they had time.”

Li Yi Feng invites his fans to help him celebrate his birthday with this social media post: ‘I’ve put out all the seats for you guys. Come by if you are free.’

Li Yi Feng celebrates his birthday with his fans in Chengdu on May 3   

Buzz always seems to surround Li Yi Feng, with a recent poll ranking him as the 9th most talked about Chinese celebrity. Much of the attention can be attributed to his lead role in the “The Lost Tomb,” which is coming to Viki in June and slated to be a tentpole action series with the eventual possibility of a big-budget movie franchise. With press comparing the show to “Indiana Jones” and “Tomb Raider,” the bar has been set high for the actor to deliver. Li Yi Feng has proven he has the chops and experience to deliver.

Check out his interview on the upcoming series below!

Can’t wait to see “The Lost Tomb”? Theories on Li Yi Feng’s rekindled relationship? Share your thoughts about the birthday boy in the comments!

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