Language-Learning Challenge: Guess the Scene!

While May might be starting, don’t think we forgot about our Language-Learning challenge! For those who participated in last month’s challenge, the answers are:

1. A. “Why I Cried”
2. D. “She Is Smiling”
3. B. “Understood”
4. A. “I Love You, I’m Sorry”

In April, we shared terms from two honorable professions: fire-fighting and crime-fighting from some of our favorite dramas.

This month’s Language-Learning challenge is going to be a little different. We’ll be giving you the term in the question as well as the related clip. Based on the term and context of the clip, you’ll have to select the correct answer from the choices given.

One lucky person will receive a language-learning book, "Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean," from our friends at Tuttle Publishing!

Answer the quiz, and you could win! 

(*To be eligible, responses must be received from May 5 to May 10, 2015.)

Easy enough, right? Let’s get started!

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