The Many Masks of Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon, star of the upcoming drama "Mask," turns 33 on May 16th! In honor of his birthday, here's a quick look at some of the masks Joo Ji Hoon has worn in the past.

Joo Ji Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Shin in "Goong (aka Princess Hours)"
Joo Hi Hoon became an instant star with his role as the prickly Crown Prince Lee Shin in “Goong.” Lee Shin is forced to enter into a contract marriage with an ordinary high school student, Chae Gyeong (Yoon Eun Hye). As they struggle to adapt to palace life together, Lee Shin slowly falls for his headstrong and naive, but lovable bride.

Joo Ji Hoon as Han Seung Jae in "Medical Top Team"
In “Medical Top Team,” Joo Ji Hoon plays Han Seung Jae, a renowned internist and member of an elite medical team trying to revive a struggling hospital. Han Seung Jae hides an iron-cold resolve behind his easy-going facade.

Joo Ji Hoon as Yoo Ji Ho in "Five Fingers"

Joo Ji Hoon plays Yoo Ji Ho, a pianist with extraordinary talent, in the revenge melodrama “Five Fingers.” At first very trusting and naive, Ji Ho becomes bent on revenge after he finds out how the family he holds dear has used and betrayed him.

Joo Ji Hoon as Min Woo in "Mask"
In the upcoming drama “Mask,” Joo Ji Joon plays Min Woo, the cold, hardened son of a chaebol family. Ji Sook (Soo Ae) is a woman from a debt-troubled family who seizes the chance to change her identity and marry into a chaebol household. When Min Woo meets Ji Sook, he falls for her because she's unlike every other woman he's met. Min Woo will do anything to help protect her identity. Catch the premiere of “Mask” on May 27th!

Happy birthday Joo Ji Hoon! Which is your favorite mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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