Want to Be Part of Viki’s May 'Hot 100'? Find Out How Here!

Join in on the fun of volunteering and become part of this month’s “Viki Hot 100”! During the last week of May, be one of the top 100 volunteers, and you’ll receive one of our special, limited-edition badges to display on your profile page!

The top 100 will receive either a gold, silver, or bronze badge based on number of contributions!

Ready to get started? Find out more here:

  • Event period: May 25th - May 31st, 2015 (UTC)
  • Badges will be distributed the first week of June
  • Volunteer on one of the thousands of videos on Viki, by either subtitling or segmenting*!
  • The Top 100 Viki users with the highest number of contributions (subtitles and/or segments) during the event period will receive a special, limited-edition badge
Congratulations to the May 2015 Hot 100! Amazing job!

Need a refresher on how to volunteer?:

Looking for a video to work on?
  • Head over to Project Finder on the Community page, the Viki Discussions’ Project Board, or the top of your profile to find a video that needs your help.
  • As a courtesy, message the Channel Manager or respective language moderator to let them know you’re interested & get started!

Don’t know another language? No worries!

  • Segmenting (setting the timing of the subtitles) and captioning (creating subtitles in the show’s origin language) are great ways to contribute! Check out the top of your profile for video recommendations!
  • Inappropriate subtitling, including using a translator program (i.e. Google Translate) or copying subtitles from a non-Viki source, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Viki Community Guidelines. Such behavior will lead to disqualification from receiving a badge.
  • If you notice that the subtitling guidelines are violated, please notify us, and our team can look into the matter.