Win Goodies From ‘Super Show 6’ in Singapore!

Source: SMTown’s Official Facebook

Here’s a quick trivia: who do idols usually mention in their thank-you speeches? Their company, their members, their parents and … ? The fans, of course!

From simple things like selling of fan-goods and distribution of support banners to larger-scale concert food gift packages, birthday presents and money donations to the needy — the power of fandom is indeed great!

Viki was at Super Junior’s “Super Show 6” over the weekend in Singapore, and here are some awesome things we noticed:

Neat, Orderly Lines — No Pushing!

The well-behaved line to get into the concert

Long neat streaks curving around pillars could be seen from a distance — and as you approached, you saw fans just quietly be waiting in line, shielding themselves from the sun with a hand-made fan-board, listening to music or even just chatting with friends. Some fans even went around to remind others to keep in line or even just to exchange any photo-cards they had. Aren’t you just inspired by this polite fandom?

All the Fan-Goods!

Buy all the merchandise!

What’s better than official merchandise? Fan-made merchandise, of course! They range from little personalized name-cards to plastic printouts to T-shirts and hats! Who knows how much effort these fans have put into designing, manufacturing and lugging all these goods to the venue? Hats off to them.

All the Fan-Projects

We got to be part of the fan project!

One of the main highlights of going to a concert is to see the fan projects! They range from fan-chants to holding up banners to using different colored light-sticks to spell out certain words in the audience! For the Singapore stop, there were little handheld white penlights and multiple banners reading “Happy 10th Anniversary” and “Let’s grow old together”!

Source: SMTown’s Official Facebook
The multilingual boyband greeted the excited audience in English, Korean and even Chinese! The observant Super Junior members also noticed the fan projects and did not hesitate to thank the fans during their speech. To appreciate the beautiful sapphire fan ocean more, the members even requested for the house lights to be turned off.

To thank their fans who had been patiently waiting, the boy band performed more than 30 songs, including hit songs like “This is Love,” “Mamacita,” D&E’s “Growing Pains,” Henry’s “Fantastic,”  Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun” and more! (Pssst! We have these on great songs on “SBS Inki Gayo”!) The highlight of the concert came in the form of an Elsa Cosplay Contest where the boys came out decked in floaty blue gowns and ridiculous hairdos!

Credit: 13lieve SG, Truly Elfs SG, D&E Fans
Now is your chance to win two sets of albums + some fan goodies we scored at the concert! All you need to do is leave us a comment below saying why you deserve to win it, and we’ll pick a lucky winner!