Taiwanese Actress Puff Guo Turns 27

Taiwanese actress (and perennial Viki fan favorite) Puff Guo turns 27 on June 30. If you're not sure who she is and why she's internationally famous, you've probably been living under a very large rock somewhere in the Western Hemisphere since about 2011. But don't panic, there's still time to appreciate her artistry—here's a quick look at what puffs up Puff!


You can be the judge of Puff Guo's beauty...or you can let the editors over at FHM Taiwan be the judge. It turns out they've nominated her as the Sexiest Woman for three years in a row!


Since Puff Guo's group "Dream Girls" signed a record deal in 2011, she has become a K-Pop fixture. Check out Dream Girls' 2013 collaboration performance with T-ARA at M Countdown Ni Hao Taiwan, above!


While Puff Guo debuted in the 2011 hit drama "Inborn Pair," fans outside of Taiwan will recognize her in last year's "We Got Married Global Edition Season 2" where she was paired with Super Junior's Heechul! In between those shows, she built her reputation as a leading lady in "Just You" with co-star Aaron Yan and "Love Myself or You" with co-star Jasper Liu.

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Happy 37th Birthday to the Incredibly Talented Ha Ji Won!

Ha Ji Won, the female lead in upcoming Korean drama "The Time I've Loved You," turns 37 this Sunday. Here's a quick primer on some of her many accomplishments during her incredible career so far.

She released her own photo book this year

"Ha Ji Won's Secret" sold out in Japan earlier this year. The photo book uses images and videos to visually track the progression of her career, from fledgling talent to award-winning actress. This work is preceded by her essay 2013 collection "This Moment."

She's a critical darling

Ha Ji Won at the 47th Baeksang Awards in Seoul.                   (Source)
Ha Ji Won has won some form of an award every year since 2000! This includes many SBS drama awards, including four for "Secret Garden" alone. She's been nominated for nine different Baeksang Awards over her career (including last year, for her performance in "Empress Ki") and has won four of them.

She's deeply philanthropic

Source: Korean Drama Choa

In addition to donating to a number of charities, she donated some of the proceeds from "This Moment" to a children's aid group. In October 2011, Ha Ji Won joined her fans in delivering coal and food to an isolated, rural Korean village not covered by government subsidies. She's even donating her cornea!

She's musically talented

Ha Ji Won released "You Are My Joy," her first self-composed song last week. This isn't her first foray into music, Ha Ji Won released a debut album, "Home Run," in 2003. The title track featured Psy, and was used in the soundtrack for her movie "Reversal of Fortune."

Don't forget to check out "The Time I've Loved You" June 27th, on Viki! Can't wait to see more Ha Ji Won? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Awesome (and True!) Facts about Birthday Boy Rain!

As one of the most recognizable faces in hallyu, Rain has built himself quite the career. In honor of the “She’s So Loveable” star’s 33rd birthday, here are six fun facts about this all-around entertainer.

1. Despite his charismatic, masculine image, he’s no stranger to cute girl group dances. He helped choreograph the "point dance" for fellow Cube Entertainment repped group CLC’s debut song, “Pepe.”

2. Rain’s no stranger to Hollywood, starring in films like "Ninja Assassin" and "The Prince," and even snapping pics with Hollywood heavy-hitters like Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant.

3. He’s been in one of history’s greatest dance-off’s, battling American icon Stephen Colbert in "Dance Dance Revolution."

4. Though he left JYP entertainment in 2007, Rain is still close to his former label-mates, pausing for a photo with Park Jin Young and “first-generation idol group” g.o.d. at the latter’s 15th anniversary reunion concert.

5. Although he and girlfriend Kim Tae Hee are known for their impact in the entertainment world, the two also have a penchant for real estate. The combined total value of their properties is about $34.7 million!

6. There's another young lady who's stolen a piece of Rain’s heart: the ultra-cute Choo Sarang! Rain met the popular prodigy on a Korean reality show, trying to woo her with gifts. Sarang eventually warmed up to the megastar, letting him take an adorable selca with her!

What do you love best about birthday boy, Rain? Let us know in the comments below! 

'Let's Eat!': How to Order 5 Delicious Korean Dishes

Food + dramas = a match made in heaven—one that could rival any celebrity OTP. While we're fans of the lovey-dovey scenes, if our favorite 오빠 (oppa,) 언니 (unnie,) 형 (hyung,) or 누나 (noona) is having an on-screen food broadcast, or 먹방 (meokbang,) our eyes are guaranteed to be transfixed with stomachs growling!

Like its 2013 predecessor, "Let's Eat Season 2" showed us the diverse and delectable world of Korean cuisine—and we want to eat all of it (yes, all of it.) Check out our top five dishes below, complete with how to order your favorite dishes in Korean!

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Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho!

International superstar Lee Min Ho celebrates his 28th birthday today!

The actor/singer/model has had a whirlwind of a career ever since his break-out role in Boys Over Flowers, and is now a bonafide A-lister, not to mention ULTRA-hottie.

To celebrate Lee's birthday, we found some fun facts about the multi-talented performer.

1. He once wanted to be a professional footballer, but a childhood injury put an end to that dream. But not to worry, we're kinda glad he chose acting instead :)

2. The first thing he does in the morning is feed his miniature pinscher "Choco," who apparently has a wardrobe worthy of Coco Chanel. Lucky dog!

3. All thanks to his role in City Hunter, Lee Min Ho's popularity in China shot up and he was even invited as the first Korean celebrity to perform on China's CCTV Lunar New Year Gala, an honored and prestigious event.

4. The illustrious Madame Tussauds in Shanghai unveiled a wax figure of him wearing a dapper black suit, which took 10 months to carve. That's almost too much handsome for one place!

5. His enormous popularity in China has earned him some interesting nicknames, including "Older Brother," "Big Cutie," and "Long-Legged Oppa."

6. He was once in a serious car accident that landed him in the hospital for a year! Fortunately, he bounced back nicely.

6. In the future, he would like to have a daughter. Apparently, he thinks they'd make for better children. Good choice!

7. He believes in love at first sight! Sigh, a true romantic. Just like Kim Tan in Heirs!

What do you like best about birthday boy Lee Min Ho? Share with us in the comments!

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'Innocent Lilies 2' Is Coming To Viki!

The hit Japanese show "Innocent Lilies" is back for another season! We're excited to see what's in store this time around. TV Asahi and Toei, the two entities behind Kamen Rider and Power Rangers, will be releasing the second season simultaneously with the theater release on June 13. Let's take a look at the actors behind "Innocent Lilies 2."

The cast is comprised of Dempagumi, a six member idol group. Dempagumi formed in 2008 and gained popularity after "Innocent Lilies" aired in 2013. The main character in this series will be Moga Shiratori (Moga Mogami), a girl with deep scars in her heart who attempts to save the world as a White Witch. The other members of Dempagumi will be playing characters with same first names but different last names.

The members of Dempagumi are not only the actors for the series and movie, but also provide the theme song "Brand New World" from their new album "WWDD."

Moga Mogami gave a message to Viki fans about the upcoming series.
Are you excited for "Innocent Lilies 2"? What was your favorite moment from the first season? Let us know in the comments below,  and don't forget to watch!

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Take Our T-Drama Challenge & Win!

Calling all drama buffs! Think you know your Taiwanese dramas? Test your knowledge here, and you could win one of five photo-card sets, featuring signed official photo-cards from the daily drama “Dear Mom” and the popular romantic drama, “Someone Like You”!

June 17-31, 2015 (PDT)

  • Answer our "Someone Like You" and "Dear Mom" quiz below.
  • Get all of the questions correct, and you’re eligible to receive the signed cards!
  • Out of the eligible participants, five winners will be chosen at random. Each winner will receive two signed photocards, one of "Dear Mom" and one of "Someone Like You."
  • Users can only submit one entry per email address.
Ready? Take the quiz below!

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10 of the Loveliest Phrases From School Dramas 

Nothing can compare to that first grade school romance. The awkward, shoe-gaze lust and saccharine, cliche dates are like old mix CDs that (very privately) hold a special place in our hearts. School dramas let us relive those moments, one emotional scene at a time. Pull out the Kleenex, here are some of our favorite phrases from our favorite school dramas and movies, certain to make you swoon.

What's your favorite school drama quote? Let us know in the comments!

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Viki Announces 2015 Global TV Awards!

Viki is proud to announce the first Global TV Awards! In association with Variety, this will be the first awards show of its kind—celebrating the world's greatest achievements in TV, film, and artistry as recognized by fans in more than 200 countries.

The event will take place on Saturday, September 12, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The host for the evening will be actor Randall Park, who you may recognize from the critically-acclaimed ABC series "Fresh Off the Boat," and the blockbuster comedy movie "The Interview."

The launch was announced on stage during TUNE IN: Variety's TV Summit 2015, the popular annual event spotlighting what's new in the TV industry.

"Viki represents an exciting part of the future of digital entertainment: global content, highly engaged viewers, any device. Basically, no barriers," said Executive Editor Steven Gaydos, Variety. "We started TUNE IN so that leaders in our industry can get together to discuss, learn, and explore the future of entertainment; the Global TV Awards is an extension of this mission, and we're excited to be a part of its inception."

Tickets for the 2015 Global TV Awards will go on sale in July through Ticketmaster, so mark your calendars!

Community Spotlight: 'Luzevedo'

Viki has an amazing global community, full of countless stories that deserve to be shared. Here is one such story about an avid Viki user and contributor.
Luciana, a 22-year-old law student, and her mother, Eliane, a 57-year-old college professor, have found a way to spend quality time together through Viki. The mother-daughter duo, who live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discovered Viki last year when Luciana was looking online for a live-action version of a manga. Luciana got involved translating shows and has been a QC (Qualified Contributor) since last fall. She recommended that her mother watch a Korean drama, and Eliane has been hooked ever since. In their busy schedules, Luciana and Eliane now make time for Viki and love talking about what shows they have watched and what they should watch next. Below, Luciana, who goes by the nickname “Lulu,” tells us what Viki means to her and her mother.
What's your Viki username?
How did you discover Viki?
At the time I was reading the manga “Cat Street,” so I started to look for the live-action version. Fortunately, I’ve discovered Viki in the process! :)
As for my mom, she decided to watch “A Gentleman’s Dignity” with me after I told her she would love it, and she did! She said she was curious to know why I looked so entertained. LOL!
What language(s) do you speak?
I speak Portuguese and English, but I also can understand Spanish (and write a little bit.) My mom also understands a little bit of Spanish and English.
Which activities do you do often on Viki?
As much as I can! I simply love this community. Sometimes, I work as a Portuguese editor, translator or segmenter, and I enjoy working on designs for the Portuguese pages as well.

My mom just watches K-dramas and nags me for more. Hahahahaha. Sometimes, she helps me to improve the sentences I’m working on :)
What do you like most about Viki?
What I like the most about Viki is the teamwork. I love how people interact with each other: always contributing, communicating and exchanging opinions about dramas, music and others. I also enjoy learning about new cultures and brushing up my English/Spanish knowledge!
My mom enjoys the possibility to watch all the dramas she likes and she appreciates the variety and quality of the shows.
Has Viki helped you to learn or practice another language?
It sure did! I always have a dictionary around me when I’m working on a drama or music video. I’ve learned many new idioms! My skills also improved from talking with other Viki users ^^.
My mom has improved her Spanish, because occasionally she watches dramas in Spanish.
Have you made friends in the Viki community?
A huge “yes” to answer this question. With such amazing people it would be impossible not to make friends. My first acquaintance was mariju93, since she offered to help translate “Faith” into Portuguese. After that, many followed! I’ve met our dear kakashiandme, lupita, mafalda, VictoriaSi, meann, and so many more! All of them helped me a lot and I’m really thankful for that.
What’s your favorite genre on Viki?
I think we need a lot of love in this world, so my favorite genre is romance. LOL!
For my mom, it’s romances with happy endings (of course, we are compatible, after all!). Hahahaha.
What’s your favorite drama that you’re watching right now?
I’m still deciding on that … but “I Hear Your Voice” just popped into my head, so I will choose this one for now.
For my mom, compatibility again! Even though I didn’t tell her my answer, it was the same. She mentioned “I Hear Your Voice” (and “Personal Taste” too).


Thanks to Luciana for sharing this incredible story, and for all of the hard work she's put into making Viki a better place. Stay tuned in the future for more Community Spotlights!

Win a Signed Poster in Our 'Falling For Innocence' Meme Contest!

Caught up on the love, romance and comedy of hit K-Drama "Falling for Innocence"? While the show may have just ended, it's not too late to get in on the fun. Make an awesome meme and you could receive of an official "Falling for Innocence" poster—signed by the stars of the show!

Enter and have a chance to receive a poster signed by Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyun Min, and Kim So Yeon!

June 5th - June 14th, 2015 (PDT)

Comments section of the “Falling for Innocence” Channel Page.

  • Create a meme from your favorite moment from any episode of "Falling for Innocence.”
  • Post the meme on the Comments section of the "Falling for Innocence” channel page with the hashtag "#VikiMeme."
  • Users will like and reply to their favorite images.
  • The five users with the most popular images based on likes will receive a signed “Falling for Innocence” poster.
  • The most popular meme will be featured on Viki social media.
  • The hashtag (#VikiMeme) must be included in the comment to be counted as an entry. Memes/images without the hashtag will not be counted.
  • There is no limit on how many images can be posted by a user, BUT each image must be a separate post, so it can be liked individually.
  • If there is a tie for the top image, the number of replies to a post will be the tie-breaker. 
  • The file size limit is 2 MB.
Need inspiration? Here are some of our favorite "Falling for Innocence" moments:

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