Actor to Watch: Ji Soo of 'Angry Mom'

We tend to focus on the big-name drama idols, mostly to vicariously live through their high-stakes world of fame and fortune. Yet when it comes to raw acting talent, the playing field should remain even. In the name of recognizing rising talent, we're singling out rookie actor Ji Soo of "Angry Mom" as someone to keep an eye on.

In "Angry Mom," Ji Soo portrays high school bully Go Bok Dong, and from his first scene he captivates viewers with a surprisingly high level of talent. Aside from viewers, media outlets have picked up on the young star's success, with photoshoots abounding following the first episode's airing.

Go Bok Dong as a character is an appealing first role, with his callous exterior giving way to inner sensitivity and insecurity. Such a character provides Ji Soo a showcase for two sides his acting chops, and allows him to find a plausible balance between the tough guy archetype and the road-weary orphan. Particularly polarizing is his wariness of nice people who "weaken him" while he gravitates towards other outwardly street-hardened characters who he understands.

Although "Angry Mom" has come to an end, with its finale airing on May 7th, the silver lining is that now you can binge-watch the entire series! On the last day of filming, Ji Soo brought a coffee truck to the set as a gift, as he wanted to give something back to the staff members—with his Instagram caption reading, "I'm really happy to see our crew members and senior actors enjoying the coffee breaks even though the breaks are short."

Ji Soo also recorded a send-off video, expressing his sadness for the filming coming to a close but happiness and gratitude for the experience the work has given him.

How do you feel about Ji Soo's rising star power? Want to see more of the young actor? Let us know in the comments below!

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