Happy 37th Birthday to the Incredibly Talented Ha Ji Won!

Ha Ji Won, the female lead in upcoming Korean drama "The Time I've Loved You," turns 37 this Sunday. Here's a quick primer on some of her many accomplishments during her incredible career so far.

She released her own photo book this year

"Ha Ji Won's Secret" sold out in Japan earlier this year. The photo book uses images and videos to visually track the progression of her career, from fledgling talent to award-winning actress. This work is preceded by her essay 2013 collection "This Moment."

She's a critical darling

Ha Ji Won at the 47th Baeksang Awards in Seoul.                   (Source)
Ha Ji Won has won some form of an award every year since 2000! This includes many SBS drama awards, including four for "Secret Garden" alone. She's been nominated for nine different Baeksang Awards over her career (including last year, for her performance in "Empress Ki") and has won four of them.

She's deeply philanthropic

Source: Korean Drama Choa

In addition to donating to a number of charities, she donated some of the proceeds from "This Moment" to a children's aid group. In October 2011, Ha Ji Won joined her fans in delivering coal and food to an isolated, rural Korean village not covered by government subsidies. She's even donating her cornea!

She's musically talented

Ha Ji Won released "You Are My Joy," her first self-composed song last week. This isn't her first foray into music, Ha Ji Won released a debut album, "Home Run," in 2003. The title track featured Psy, and was used in the soundtrack for her movie "Reversal of Fortune."

Don't forget to check out "The Time I've Loved You" June 27th, on Viki! Can't wait to see more Ha Ji Won? Let us know in the comments below!

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