'Innocent Lilies 2' Is Coming To Viki!

The hit Japanese show "Innocent Lilies" is back for another season! We're excited to see what's in store this time around. TV Asahi and Toei, the two entities behind Kamen Rider and Power Rangers, will be releasing the second season simultaneously with the theater release on June 13. Let's take a look at the actors behind "Innocent Lilies 2."

The cast is comprised of Dempagumi, a six member idol group. Dempagumi formed in 2008 and gained popularity after "Innocent Lilies" aired in 2013. The main character in this series will be Moga Shiratori (Moga Mogami), a girl with deep scars in her heart who attempts to save the world as a White Witch. The other members of Dempagumi will be playing characters with same first names but different last names.

The members of Dempagumi are not only the actors for the series and movie, but also provide the theme song "Brand New World" from their new album "WWDD."

Moga Mogami gave a message to Viki fans about the upcoming series.
Are you excited for "Innocent Lilies 2"? What was your favorite moment from the first season? Let us know in the comments below,  and don't forget to watch!

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