Taiwanese Actress Puff Guo Turns 27

Taiwanese actress (and perennial Viki fan favorite) Puff Guo turns 27 on June 30. If you're not sure who she is and why she's internationally famous, you've probably been living under a very large rock somewhere in the Western Hemisphere since about 2011. But don't panic, there's still time to appreciate her artistry—here's a quick look at what puffs up Puff!


You can be the judge of Puff Guo's beauty...or you can let the editors over at FHM Taiwan be the judge. It turns out they've nominated her as the Sexiest Woman for three years in a row!


Since Puff Guo's group "Dream Girls" signed a record deal in 2011, she has become a K-Pop fixture. Check out Dream Girls' 2013 collaboration performance with T-ARA at M Countdown Ni Hao Taiwan, above!


While Puff Guo debuted in the 2011 hit drama "Inborn Pair," fans outside of Taiwan will recognize her in last year's "We Got Married Global Edition Season 2" where she was paired with Super Junior's Heechul! In between those shows, she built her reputation as a leading lady in "Just You" with co-star Aaron Yan and "Love Myself or You" with co-star Jasper Liu.

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