How to Attract Older Women, Courtesy of Infinite's L

"I will never, ever fall in love with you."
"Why not?"

If you're caught up on your drama news, you may know this as an iconic conversation between the two leads of "The Time I've Loved You," remake of Taiwanese hit drama "In Time With You."

In the new remake, Ariel Lin and Ha Ji Won play women who have just reached 30, and are finally feeling the strain of their age. While adjusting to post-twenty-something life, they meet a handsome young guy (Infinite's L) who starts showing interest in both ladies. Aroused with the possibility of young love, they become tangled in an ambiguous noona-dongsaeng relationship. 

Looking to pick up some thirty-something cougars who are looking for a nice young man? Here's a quick look at the strategy employed by L and David Hsu! 

Interested in seeing how the relationships progress? Favorite the channels for new episodes!

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